' Weather is super-hot from last 7-8 months. In chennai we can only see
 three seasons.  One is Winter-Hot, Spring-Hotter and Summer-Hottest.
Today is the season of Spring-Hotter.  it is raining like hell. "
prasad, the software guy,  shouted at the Rain.  knotted his shoe lase.
Monsoon is like a magic. which usually starts from Arabic Sea has
reached Bay of  Bengal in December by raining all the way. Now created
rainy season in  CHENNAI!!.

Prasad is constantly getting call from his Project Manager. 
' I have done my Electrical engineering from reputed college. That  was
my dream college. But now writing holy-banking-software for  an English
people. They are controlling me and my machine remotely from London.
Modern slavery. ' We are 5 n half hour ahead of them.  They screws me
till mid night. But here, in my office, my stupid  PM is calling from
early morning.'

' How can I goto work..? look at the road.  wow!! can anyone make out
the road. ? full of water. hey guys!! please shut-down all the
 motor-vehicles and start providing some boats.  I beg'

He  switched off all the lights.  ' Electricity, Electricity,
Electricity!!  Electrical energy is  converted into light energy. But in
solar cells light energy is again  converted into electrical energy.
What a flexible source of energy.   It is a world of fantasy. " He
murmured looking at the bulbs.

He is standing near the door and watching the drama running in ground
floor.  One old lady!! is trying to evacuate water from her house with
the help of her small grand-kids.

'shitt!! how do i goto work by wearing this stupid shoes." He threw his
shoes and took the sandals. He walked down. Gave a smile to old lady.
she also smiled at him. She  showed her shoulder saying 'it is paining'.
 She is pushing water-away  from morning 4 'o' clock.  By signs she
imitated that ' she has not even  prepared food inside.'  Looking at the
sky she prayed god to stop the  rain.

He just showed sympathy and told her to take food from hotel. She is
feeling cold but still trying to push water away from her way. Prasad
 wondered!! Is her effort to stop water to enter house is fruitful.  No
 way!! The Entire city is submerged but this stupid old lady is trying
 to construct a Dam of hope. We are in a sea level. where does water

Prasad folded his lower pant.  The Old lady is waiting for him to go. so
that she can start her work. She is holding one small mug and bucket.
Kids are playing in the water.

'Kid-1' said : 'I am a Super Hero. I can drink this water completely and
can Omit all into The Sea.'

Kid-2 : No need of omitting, you can piiiii also.

Kid-1 got angry and said 'What are you saying. I had never seen, super
heroes piiiiiiiiii. '

Kid-2 was also smart. I dint even see, superman omitting. Both started
fighting. Phone rings.

Prasad's Boss is shouting at the other end  ' We have deployed our
project in live and continuously getting issues. Customers are
screaming. Where the hell are you man. I want you to be at your space.

Prasad: 'what can I Do. ? its raining heavily here. roads are full of
water and. '  Prasad speech interrupted in between.  ' So!! sir do i
need to send one private jet for you. We are paying for your work not
for excuses. It is an emergency.'

Prasad got pissed and tried to threw away his mobile. but he dint. The
poor old lady is still waiting for him to go. The kids said bye-bye him.
He walked for 5 minutes in the rain. He switched off his mobile and came
back to home.